No parent wants to think that their child has a learning difference. At the same time, no parent wants their child to struggle in school. ESA strives to help families come to terms with what it means to have a learning difference, and aims to identify the best recourse for remediation and advocacy for the student in need.

Early identification of learning problems is the one of the most important steps a parent or caregiver can take. Once a child’s specific strengths and weaknesses are brought to light, ESA will provide specific recommendations for parents and educators.


By providing a comprehensive evaluation of a student’s academic abilities through informal and formal assessments, ESA is able to identify the educational path that will best serve each individual.

  • Is your child receiving an education that best serves his or her academic needs and learning style?
  • Does your child have a learning disability?
  • What are your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses?

ESA can answer questions like this and more.

With knowledge about a child’s achievement potential and intellectual abilities, ESA can provide additional support for school-related meetings, ARDs, IEPs and related services.

ESA support will enable families to navigate the often-times confusing educational system, and ESA is committed to helping children and their families through the education mazes.

To schedule an appointment for testing services, please call 713-520-9444


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